Do You Know?

Every year more than 90% of Medical & Dental clinics experience ‘out of stock’ situation.

More than 75% of Clinics spend 6 Hours & more to manage & order Supplies in a week.

90% of Private Clinic Owners are still writing more than 60 Cheques in a month to settle Vendor Payments.

Our Solution

A Cloud-based solution digitising your clinics’ inventory data and vendor payments.


Track product expiration dates & no more ‘Out of Stock’ situation

Optimise your inventory using Data, Monitor Clinic’s bottom line closely

Track your Month over Month Inventory data & Trends

Vendor Payment

Record & Track your Vendor Payments. Facilitate a paperless process.

Get Up to 60 Days for the Vendor Payments

Digitize your vendor payments & get Wallet Value Up to $50,000 Per Clinic

Our Pricing

Founder Clinic


(Per Month)

Group Clinic


(Per Month)

Super Clinic


(Per Month)

Inventory Data


Clinics $/Month


Free Digitization 3-Months Data

1 User (1 Clinic)

2000 data files

Min. 3 Users (3 Clinics)

Up to 5 Clinics ($60 Per Clinic/Month)

10,000 data files

Min. 6 Users (6 Clinics)

Up to 15 Clinics ($36 Per Clinic/Month)

20,000 data files


Biggest Cashback Offer

*Standard T&C Applied

Get Pay 32 Clinic Now

Productivity & Saving

Save 6 Hours & more Per Week. And your team will love it too.

Control Supplies Spent

Optimize your inventory & control your bottom line seamlessly

Manage Vendor Payments

Pay Later for supplies and enjoy extended payment terms for up to 60 Days.

Frequently Asked Questions

The plan you choose really depends on whether you are a Single practice or a Group Clinic. To figure that out, get in touch with our sales team on and organise a personal product demo.
Data files includes vendor invoices and related memos/Dos (delivery orders). 1 Data file = each unique invoice your clinic receives from your vendors/suppliers.
Simple & straight answer is ‘NO’ we will do the heavy lifting by using our technology to digitize the inventory data. Hence, no or fewer man-hours are required per clinic. Isn’t that wonderful
Absolutely! Just send an email to and one of our friendly managers will be in touch to help you get going with Pay32 Clinic and understand more.